Geared Turbofan Test Rig

Consortium Partners

The "Tuscany Consortium"

University of Pisa

Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering (DICI), a centre of excellence, with high level multidisciplinary scientific competences in the field of advanced mechanical power transmissions

AM Testing

Founded in 2008 as a spinoff of University of Pisa. The core business is the design of high performance test rig including support systems and the execution of relevant comprehensive test campaigns on components/systems


Leader Company in the field of manufacturing of precision mechanic devices. CAT business has grown over the last 40 years and now the Company can provide the most innovative production systems and control/measuring machines

Description of frameWork

Together at the forefront of innovation
In the frame of SAGE4 activities

The GTF (Geared TurboFan) engine represents one of the most promising architectural innovations in the aeronautical market, meeting requirements of constant improvement in engine performance in terms of fuel consumption, noise and gas emission. The concept which this engine architecture is based on involves the mechanical uncoupling of the turbine shaft from the fan section, by means of introduction of an epicyclic Power GearBox, named Integral Drive System (IDS). This solution, by adding a further degree of freedom to the system, allows the separate optimization of both power turbine and fan in terms of rotational speed, with overall enhancement of the whole engine performance. As a result, the IDS represents a new engine core module. The present GTFTR project, in line with the objectives defined by the Topic Manager (TM) in the call for proposal, aims at performing a demonstration on a purposely developed full scale power test rig of the technologies matured by the TM within the Clean Sky frame. The approach proposed by the Topic is innovative since it opens the collaboration on the experimental validation phase, which is generally retained by the system design responsible, with the Consortium of three partners: University of Pisa (Coordinator), AM Testing srl and Catarsi Ing. Piero & c. srl

The second place for the best Clean Sky Project

Second between 200 Projects

Strong Link with Topic Manager and Networking are the Key to Success

The annual Clean Sky Forum took place in the 4 of April in Brussels.
The title of the Forum was ‘Innovative European aeronautics powering a stronger EU’, and the discussions focused on three main areas of interest within Clean Sky: research centres and academia as a source of innovation; newcomers in Clean Sky 2; and Synergies with regional Structural Funds. Over 200 participants attended the Forum, including many Clean Sky Members and Partners as well as aeronautics’ stakeholders and representatives from the European Parliament and the European Commission.

The event finished on a high note with the award ceremony for the best Clean Sky Project from Associates and Partners. The GeT FuTuRe project takes the 2nd place between almost 200 projects presented.


TRL5/6 Validation of Integral Drive System for the Next Generation Geared Engines

Test rig and auxiliary systems.


exploitation of results